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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Untuk Ibu dan Anak

 For the mum,for me...

For my princess..

Its been a long time i did not sew any boxy pouch,as a result,i forgot how to make one!After a few trial and error,finally i successfully made it. I made two,one for myself n another one for my little princess. For the inner part,i decided to use polyester felt.Whenever i use the interface lining that i always use for my totebag, my boxy pouch doesn't really looks like a box. So,i've come up with an idea,felt makes my boxy pouch shapely and gave a lot of body! The problem is,felt is quite expensive.At my place,it cost me about RM13-RM16/m.
What do u use to make ur boxy pouch 'boxy'?Fusible fleece,where can i get those?