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Friday, December 31, 2010

And the Winner Goes to...

The winner will be announced on Friday,7.1.2011.

Thanks for joining!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giveaway By My freaky Dolls..

Nak dapat hadiah plushies,join la giveaway nie...her link:

Plushies Free!

Here's the rules:Since i hve blog,i follow cara 1

1. menetap di Malaysia- YUP,KUCHING
2. mempunyai blog- HERE
3. jadi follower myfreakydolls & link myfreakydolls ke blog korang-DONE
4. buat entry pasal GA ni & sertakan juga gambar diatas-OK
5. tinggalkan link korang pada entry ini-OK

Giveaway By Balancing!!

Giveaway lagi....

I decided to join this giveaway coz dah lama tak menang anything,plus the giveaway sangat memikat hati..hehehe.You should see for yourself:

Sempena Maal Hijrah ni balancing! nak buat giveaway:

  • Senang aja, beri komen - kata nak ikut serta giveaway.-DONE
  • Terbuka untuk semua.-I'M IN
  • Sesiapa yang share news giveaway ni kat blog dia, akan dapat 2 undian - the more the merrier. (jgn lupa beritahu, takut nanti dpt satu undian aja)- HERE'S IM SHARING
Tarikh tutup 1hb Januari 2011.

Giveaway By aliya's craft!

Ada giveaway lagi, 1 cute green bag,sgt ideal untuk di bawa ke sekolah.mudah je nak join :

go here!

Keep my fingers cross!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MypassionMycraft first giveaway!!

Inviting all readers to my first giveaway!

I would love to share some with all you wonderful people some local fabric from Sarawak.

If ur the winner,you will receive 4 different design, a quarter (1/2m) of each design. The fabrics are lightweight cotton.Some more, u will get 1 froggy keychain as in the pic!

To join,
  1. Be a follower/Add me in your blog list
  2. Add 'Lisa's Creation ' as a friend in your facebook and
  3. Blog about this giveaway .I would love to know what can u make with this fabric
  4. Please leave a comment, Please make sure to leave your email address too.

I'll pick the winner randomly on the 31st of December 2010. Good Luck Everyone!