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Sunday, January 30, 2011

" Hsue Craft 2011 Giveaway "

I wanna win this!Cantik kan...

Syarat-syarat :

1. Become follower blog ini...kalau tak nak pun tak pe..terpulanglah kepada anda...- DONE
2. Post tentang "Giveaway" ni dlm blog anda dan link kan post ni " Hsue Craft 2011 Giveaway "
3. Masukkan link http://hsue82.blogspot.com di dalam blog list korang-D0NE
@ Post pun leh jugak
4. Last sekali...tinggalkan email,nama serta link entry yg anda telah hasilkan kat column " Ape Cerita " kat sblh kanan blog saya ni ataupun email kan terus kepada saya dilamborian_cute82@yahoo.com-OK

hope i'll win!

Friday, January 28, 2011

batik lurves...

My second attempt with batik..the first one was the sunglasses pouch.i think i forgot to post about that..

The first pic is my cilik model wearing my handmade batik sun dress..its a simple dress,with buttons on both strap...suka tak?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Giveaway By Purpleshades!!

Purpleshades is holding its first giveaway.Here's her link:

i really want to win the felt,cos i think the color is just great: thinking of making BARNEY keychain for my girls,mesti cute kan...!

Syarat2 nye. ;

  1. follow blog sha-DONE
  2. copy url gmba ats ni n taruk dkt blog korg.-DONE
  3. promote lahh giveaway ni kat blog korg. n bgtau lahh sbb korg ske buat felt craft ni. sje2 sha nk bce. huhu.-OK
  4. then, tgglkn komen korg dkt post sha ni. Bg url blog korg ye :)-OK

Hope i will win this time,dah lama x menang GA..hehe

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Second Giveaway Winner

Sorry ye..agak bz these 2 weeks,so tak sempat nak update my blog.The second winner is:

NO: 15

Please email or msg me ur full details ya!

Thursday, January 6, 2011




no :6

I'm using random generator,but i just can't add the image in this post,dnt know why the image could not be uploaded.

The lucky no : 6 , please email me ur full details so that i can post to you the winning prize as soon as possible.

I would like to thank all 38 participants for joining. In two days time ,ill be announcing the SECOND WINNER.

For Rubi,since ur the 1st participant,there is also a token of appreciation awaits u.Just let me know ur full details ya!