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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giveaway By JajaCraft!

Look above!!These hairclips might be yours. Wanna own this hair clips for free!Well..come join me in Jaja's Giveaway.The prize : hairclips+Rm50 voucher.Lumayan ,kan.Hope i'll be lucky this time.Jom kita join sama-sama.Here's the link:

Hairclips Frenzy and Giveaway!

Let me tell u about Jaja. I think most of the crafters out there knows Jaja.Yup,she owns Tamu Jajakraf which supplies almost everything u need for crafting.I got some of my supplies fromher,as u can see in my blog,i link her as one of my supplier.Besides selling supplies with reasonable prices,the service is also fast and efficient. The quality of her supplies are worth buying.Feel free to 'singgah' to Tamu Jajakraf to get yours now.

If you want to see her creation ,u can go to her blog :


I am always amaze to see her creation.I like most of her creation,she is such a creative person.I love the one that she did with the PVC sheet,u can see it in her older post.And also the latest creation of hair clips. I think i want to make some for my girls too.

In her blog also,there are some tutorial that u can learn.i learn how to make snap clip from jaja's tutorial.Moreover,she also listed a product photo tutorial.If u look at my product photo,i used white background for most of them(got this idea from the tutorial)Then,i edit it by following some simple steps by jaja. Indeed ,my edited photo look better than the original one taken with my hp's camera(3.0mp only)

Thanks to Jaja!Awesome tutorial.

That's the ending of my entry.

Cartoon Coin Purse

Cuti raya is over.Now,i'm back again to business.Nothing much done lately.Order lama belum siap lagi,sometimes i just in no mood to do it.These are the latest coin purses ive done: 4 of them for 4 sisters.

for mei

for wen

for joey

for sing

Thanks for ordering girls...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Giveaway By Kawaii Stations

Hi crafters..Kawaii Stations is having a giveaway in cnjuction of Alissa's Birthday n as an appreciation for her customer.

Fabulous prizes to be won.See her link below.

Kawaii Stations

5 more days to go.Come,let's join together!