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Friday, December 31, 2010

And the Winner Goes to...

The winner will be announced on Friday,7.1.2011.

Thanks for joining!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giveaway By My freaky Dolls..

Nak dapat hadiah plushies,join la giveaway nie...her link:

Plushies Free!

Here's the rules:Since i hve blog,i follow cara 1

1. menetap di Malaysia- YUP,KUCHING
2. mempunyai blog- HERE
3. jadi follower myfreakydolls & link myfreakydolls ke blog korang-DONE
4. buat entry pasal GA ni & sertakan juga gambar diatas-OK
5. tinggalkan link korang pada entry ini-OK

Giveaway By Balancing!!

Giveaway lagi....

I decided to join this giveaway coz dah lama tak menang anything,plus the giveaway sangat memikat hati..hehehe.You should see for yourself:

Sempena Maal Hijrah ni balancing! nak buat giveaway:

  • Senang aja, beri komen - kata nak ikut serta giveaway.-DONE
  • Terbuka untuk semua.-I'M IN
  • Sesiapa yang share news giveaway ni kat blog dia, akan dapat 2 undian - the more the merrier. (jgn lupa beritahu, takut nanti dpt satu undian aja)- HERE'S IM SHARING
Tarikh tutup 1hb Januari 2011.

Giveaway By aliya's craft!

Ada giveaway lagi, 1 cute green bag,sgt ideal untuk di bawa ke sekolah.mudah je nak join :

go here!

Keep my fingers cross!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MypassionMycraft first giveaway!!

Inviting all readers to my first giveaway!

I would love to share some with all you wonderful people some local fabric from Sarawak.

If ur the winner,you will receive 4 different design, a quarter (1/2m) of each design. The fabrics are lightweight cotton.Some more, u will get 1 froggy keychain as in the pic!

To join,
  1. Be a follower/Add me in your blog list
  2. Add 'Lisa's Creation ' as a friend in your facebook and
  3. Blog about this giveaway .I would love to know what can u make with this fabric
  4. Please leave a comment, Please make sure to leave your email address too.

I'll pick the winner randomly on the 31st of December 2010. Good Luck Everyone!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Xmas Gift Anyone?

Hey there,

i made these yesterday for my friends,the make up bag is a xmas gift for a dear friend,and the pencil case is an order from my colleague,hope she will like the color combination!

Lately,I've been making make up bags as xmas gift for my dear friends this year,last year i made them crystal bracelets.They loved it,hopefully they will love my gift this year too..

Xmas gift is coming to ur doorstep friends..just wait n see!

thanks for all the support..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New bag..

Make up bag
My tote bag

Giveaway By Saravella!

Here's a glimpse of some of the headbands that i love!

i just love headband,dnt ya?Just a few minutes ago,i cme across this blog which hand made headbands. Her headbands are gorgeous,you should c it for ur self.here's the link:

Saravella's Crafts

FYi, Saravella's Craft is opening a giveaway.Just a few simple way to enter:

1.Follow her blog-DONE BY ME!


2. LIKE Saravella's Craft page

Who knows u might win her beautiful black headband!

Giveaway By Simplerhyme!

Isn't this cute n neat? Who will be the lucky one to own this?Would it be me,or you?It could be me n u.

This is a blog that u should browse thru and see her creativity.This is the link of her blog:

Simple Ryhme

You can also join her giveaway,there are two ways to enter:

1. follow her blog- I DID THIS! OR/AND
2.'Like' Simple Rhyme page.

As simple as that!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Giveaway By Noir Jewlry!

Nak dapat kerongsang free dari Sabah? Join la give away dari Noir Jewlry. Noir Jewlry menjual kerongsang yg cantik 2 tau.The latest one is kerongsang dari kulit tiram,which i consider as unique and rare. The prices are reasonable and affortable. Come and see for urself,click here

Jom Join Giveaway noir jewelry
cara2 nak menjoin giveaway ni ialah

1)JADI FOLLOWER NOIR JEWELRY -kepada yg memang follower skip part ni hehe-OK
5)...syarat tambahan... be our friend at FB noirn@yahoo.com BUTIK NOIR-OK

semua syarat dah dipenuhi..tq coz anjurkan give away ni!

Special N3 for CBB's Giveaway!


i love to craft like cbb.the craft that i love varies from felting,crocheting,quilting,n sewing.Rite now, im into sewing fabric bags n knitting.

i sewed a few bags already,looking forward to make a purse or wallet. im really keen to knit,bought all the thingy to knit,but still dnt know how to start.i've been 'tutorialing' (haha..is there such a word,dnt think so!) in the net,but tak paham langsung,seems like i hve to find a real life tutor.Who cares to teach me?

:0 :)

.Sharing IS Caring.

Giveaway By Craft By Bea!

Hi there,

Craft By Bea is organizing its first giveaway.The giveaway prizes are awesome!Its baby girl crochet head band.For those who have little princess in the house,this is a grab opportunity.
Come,let's join together.Ni dia syarat2 dari CBB.

1. Mesti jadi follower Craft by Bea (senang kan).-I DID THIS A LONG TIME AGO!

2. Buat n3 ringkas tentang GA ni beserta ngan gambar di atas tu kat blog korang. Kat n3 korang tu, nyatakan craft jenis apa yang anda minat. Banyak pun boleh.-OK

3. Comment n3 ni. Tinggalkan link anda, ID dan email.

COMMENT - 1/ I LIKE UR GIVEAWAY PRIZES - obviously ,coz i hve 2 princesses,will be a great gift gor them
2/ I LIKE UR TO READ THE REVIEW IN UR BLOG-somehow its help me too since im a new crafter too!
3/ I LIKE THE WAY U WRITE IN UR BLOG - interesting!

Hopefully i'll win this time.Keep my fingers cross...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bag In The House!

small fabric bag

fabric pencil case

small fabric coin purse

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's christmas in november!!

Christmas is just a few weeks to go,so for this month and the upcoming month i decided to change my layout template to Christmas template..here it is..I think i ought to share this Christmas Template to everyone,so here's the link:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Name Label?? .look above.Made these according to my customers' own design.What do you think?

So,how should i call this creation,is it table name tag or name label?

Monday, October 25, 2010

prom dress?

Prom dress for sale?

ikan oh ikan...

Mr. Ikan Buntal

miss ikan buntal

Friday, October 22, 2010

Apa Saya Buat?

Small beg
Big bag,just big enuf for me to put my laptop.

Been bz this few weeks,wth exams and 'pindah rumah',got a lot of things to kemas n arrange,doesn't seem hve time to sit in front of my lappy.My crafts still going on,got a bunch of orders lately,hopefully i'm going to finish the orders before school holiday.Today,i uploaded a few photos of bags which i made a few weeks ago.Just a few simple bags,bawak ke sekolah and received good compliments from friends.However,my jahitan is not so lurus,lack of practice,i guess.Will try to improve from time to time..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giveaway By JajaCraft!

Look above!!These hairclips might be yours. Wanna own this hair clips for free!Well..come join me in Jaja's Giveaway.The prize : hairclips+Rm50 voucher.Lumayan ,kan.Hope i'll be lucky this time.Jom kita join sama-sama.Here's the link:

Hairclips Frenzy and Giveaway!

Let me tell u about Jaja. I think most of the crafters out there knows Jaja.Yup,she owns Tamu Jajakraf which supplies almost everything u need for crafting.I got some of my supplies fromher,as u can see in my blog,i link her as one of my supplier.Besides selling supplies with reasonable prices,the service is also fast and efficient. The quality of her supplies are worth buying.Feel free to 'singgah' to Tamu Jajakraf to get yours now.

If you want to see her creation ,u can go to her blog :


I am always amaze to see her creation.I like most of her creation,she is such a creative person.I love the one that she did with the PVC sheet,u can see it in her older post.And also the latest creation of hair clips. I think i want to make some for my girls too.

In her blog also,there are some tutorial that u can learn.i learn how to make snap clip from jaja's tutorial.Moreover,she also listed a product photo tutorial.If u look at my product photo,i used white background for most of them(got this idea from the tutorial)Then,i edit it by following some simple steps by jaja. Indeed ,my edited photo look better than the original one taken with my hp's camera(3.0mp only)

Thanks to Jaja!Awesome tutorial.

That's the ending of my entry.

Cartoon Coin Purse

Cuti raya is over.Now,i'm back again to business.Nothing much done lately.Order lama belum siap lagi,sometimes i just in no mood to do it.These are the latest coin purses ive done: 4 of them for 4 sisters.

for mei

for wen

for joey

for sing

Thanks for ordering girls...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Giveaway By Kawaii Stations

Hi crafters..Kawaii Stations is having a giveaway in cnjuction of Alissa's Birthday n as an appreciation for her customer.

Fabulous prizes to be won.See her link below.

Kawaii Stations

5 more days to go.Come,let's join together!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ideas To Share...



dark green


These are some of the 'batik sarong Sarawak' i bought recently.I'm thinking of making laptop bag wth these fabric. I made a hp pch n my sunglasses pouch with it.And it turned out great! (Belum upload photo of my hp pch and sunglasses,belum sempat snap today)Hahaha...What do u think?Should i insert batting or just use a thick interface?

If u r interested in this fabric,i will be glad to buy it for u. Murah je- RM15 only.But,of course,u hve to bear the postage charge. I think pos express RM4.50 boleh muat 2 batik sarong.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Such a long hiatus...quite bz this week,wth work of course and kids..Hve been doing blog hopping but always dissapointed at the end of the day..ive been searching for magnetic button ,but seems to fail.I found a few blogs selling it,but still no response from the owner..to all the crafter who knows where i can find it,please let me know...once again


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giveaway By My Lovely Ribbons n Laces


Know what. My lovely ribbons and lace ada give away ....Tengok link ni:

Here are the instructions on how to join this giveaway... very simple, right? :-
1- This giveaway is for followers ONLY.(Be a follower if you are not)- I am!
2- Publish the news in a post in your blog. (You can use the picture above.)-i am publishing it now!
3- Link My Lovely Ribbons N Laces in your blog list.- Already!
4- Leave a comment saying that u r joining the giveaway.-ok!

Let's Join Now!

Keychain for grab..

Hi there, i made a few keychain recently, n i think its about time for me to sell some of my key chain.There are RM3 each.Postage is RM2.50 via pos express.

If anyone interested,just email or leave a message in my chat box.

Happy Browsing!

Heart Shape Key Chain

Ni keychain yang di order oleh Cheryl for her friends,Mei and Xia.

Hope both of them like it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

si hijau..the thread kepper

Remember the surprise giveaway that i posted in my previous entry?Well...ni dia hasil nya.A green pencil case.

Si hijau...the thread keeper

Since i dnt know what to put in,i jadi kan si hijau ni tempat simpan my benang.

for cheryl...cute right?

This is my latest handmade creation. She asked me to make my own design,so i made this! Look below.

I hope she'll like this. Rasa sayang pulak nak bagi...i want to make another 1 for yaya.Yaya for sure will love this design.

Monday, August 16, 2010

coin purse lagi...


Baru je siap menjahit 5 coin purse

Order from colleagues of mine


for nad ( faz's sister),mus, faz,zana,aru(mus's niece)

Thanks all!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Giveaway By Mrs Nor Shop

Hi semua,

Kali ni nak join giveaway lagi.Give away kali ni dari Mrs Nor Shop.Ni link dia:

Mrs. Nor Shop Giveaway

Hadiah nya best2,koleksi english style.Come,lets join together!!

Hopefully i'll be lucky again this time.

look what ive got!

A Surprise Gift

Suprise!this was the give i received last week from tiny tini collection.I'm so lucky to be one of the winner. Still don't hve any idea what to do.Supply masih tak cukup.Maybe nak buat pencil case lagi..

Ni pulak cotton nipis that i bought last Saturday for the lining.Sesuai tak?

Just wait for my next post.Hope to share new things with fellow crafters.

Oh ya,I managed to do 2 hp pch this week,but forgot to take the pics.Just a simple design coz my customer nak simple jer.Next time la i post the pic.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kembar si mickey..

Yaya's pencil case

Habis jahit,yaya terus masok kan all her stationery inside.Her first pencil case jenis kain.So happy ,she even asked me to do for some of her friend..haha,5 of them.Bet she will show off her new pencil case tomorrow!Mummy also happy to see yaya happy.

Wna c her happy face?

latest passion..

Cantik tak?the bag...not the bunny. My 1st trial.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

T-shirt car charm and PVC letter hp charm

Yang ni pulak t shirt car charm for 3 cute boys

Ruzain.Danish dan Adam



Letter hp charm for my colleagues.Thanks for ordering!

ni PVC material