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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More bags..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hadiah Untuk Anak2..

 For Jess -1st
 For Jelita- 3rd

For Glo- 2nd
Made Especially for my 3 top students in class.Hope they will appreciate this little gift of mine!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Red Roses Wallet

Remember the fabric from SClover? This is the outcome : My Red Roses Wallet!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wallet oh Wallet...

Hari ni saya terlebih rajin..

Coz i plan nak join Jom Jahit Wallet by Tini Hani..

Baru je nak post bagitau kat blog dia,terbaca pulak dah dateline...bulan lepas,ingatkan bulan ni,maybe tak baca betul2 hari tu,terlepas pandang.Bila tengok hasil kerja crafters lain,rasa amaze pulak ,if compare to my wallet,theirs are almost perfect.Sometimes i wonder,how could they jahit so neat?There must be some techniques, or skills that i can learn..

Well, to appreciate my own creation, it also deserved to be posted.Even though not so neat,i'm happy with it. So,here it is..

p/s - To bloggers who wants to comment but could not do that bcoz of the word verification, i'm really sorry about that. i think there's something wrong with my setting. Is there anyone could help me to solve this?Do let me know.Thanks!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Supplies

Recently i bought fabrics from SCLOVER collection. Its polka dot rose cotton fabric,very sweet n nice design. I have not decide what to do with these fabric.I bought 3 colors -red,pink n light blue. Lovely,tak?

I just received a parcel from LOVE THE BUTTONS this morning. It's my PVC! I bought 1/2 m black n brown PVC from her + colourful cute buttons.I'm thinking of make a bag using PVC+Fabric,my inspiration is from SCLOVER, I just love her combination of fabrics..

Can't wait to begin my next project with these fabrics!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

LolliCraft :: I Heart Handmade Giveaway

This time i want to try my luck again,the prizes are awesome,esp the frame,that's the one that catch my eyes...

If u want to join,just click HERE.

Syarat-syarat nya:

1) jadi FOLLOWER blog mia (and mia pun akan follow korang)=OK

2) letakkan link BLOG MIA KT BLOGLIST KORANG..hehehe=OK

3) create satu entry ,PASTEKAN BANNER G.A ni k.. - pic yg ade riben polkadot tu :)=THIS IS IT!

5) jangan lupe letak LINK ENTRY KORANG KAT COMMENT BOX bwh entry ni..=OK

6) bagi NICKNAME  dan EMAIL-kang 'ter'menang plak senang mia nk carik heee=OK

7)  SEORANG peserta paling bertuah akan dipilih..cara ape mia pilih??..rahsia.. ^__^

8) setiap penyertaan mia akan masukkan dlm BLOGLIST DI BLOG MIA..suke tak?(^___^)

*a'a mia copypaste je dari syarat2 giveaway dlu hahaha*

disebabkan GA ni mia launch 2 april, so...

tarikh tutup : 22 APRIL 2011,11.59 pm

The giveaway rules is as simple as that.Jom join!


Saturday, April 2, 2011



the  signature.wat do u think?