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Friday, March 18, 2011

Craft Supplies Part 2

Today, i just want to upload the photo of  the things i bought in Kuching . Here are some of them...

Heavy cotton, velcro,bias tape,rotary cutter,webbing,recycle bag material,kain belacu and cotton


Sheila said...

lisa..ada cgek kedai kat bintulu, kedai ya kedai lamak..tapi, apa ja yg kmk tanya, memang nay ada..best juak lah..jarum no 16 ya pun ada..dah kmk beli..hehe

craft.by.bea said...

owh jadi nanti ada banyak projek la kan nanti

Mila@Rimbun said...

Lisa.. heavy cotton tuh lisa dapat kat kedai mana yer? Dulu cari2 jugak tp tak jumpa banyak ler, yg Pooh hijau tuh adalah terjumpa..

Saravella said...

hello there,
may i know where u bought the items here? because i've been looking for those items as well.. =)

Bluegrape said...

very nice indeed! Love those fabric patterns. I once bought some cute cotton polka dot fabric in IndiaStreet for less than RM5. Real bargain. Do share more-love your creations, gorgeous looking bags. ;)