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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm back ..

 Project craft saya yg baru siap weekend tadi, order yg baru siap after a long break....let me introduce u to the gang members : from left - miss piggy pink,the best seller mr. froggy,love me simply and last but not least,the new member ,miss blushy bunny! Behind  is a coin purse made from japanese fabric,my first attempt sewing this fabric.This is a free gift for the owner of these cute keychains as an  appreciation for her as my loyal customer.Thanks for ur support miss lee mei..!


TinyTini said...

lisa, if you dont mind sharing, where did you get the fabrics with all the clothes hanging? I was looking for it quite sometimes..thanks!

Lisa said...

i bought it at fabric fanatics,tini.i dnt know still got or not coz i bought the sample packs.not by meter.