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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm back ..

 Project craft saya yg baru siap weekend tadi, order yg baru siap after a long break....let me introduce u to the gang members : from left - miss piggy pink,the best seller mr. froggy,love me simply and last but not least,the new member ,miss blushy bunny! Behind  is a coin purse made from japanese fabric,my first attempt sewing this fabric.This is a free gift for the owner of these cute keychains as an  appreciation for her as my loyal customer.Thanks for ur support miss lee mei..!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sew and Cut Giveaway!

Cut and paste dari Sew and Cut! Link di sini

Giveaway nie terhad pada 20 orang je sebab ada 2o ketul je. Tak boleh nak pilih le nak buah/sayur apa ye. Random je. Nak menyertainya senang je, anda hanya perlu masukkan posting nie ke blog masing-masing. Lepas tu tinggalkan komen kat saya untuk saya track balik blog anda. Mudah kan. Jadi apa lagi, sertailah giveaway nie sekarang.
Jom Join!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wool Felt?Acrylic felt?Winter Sonata Felt?

Look at the title above. What is the difference of these three felt?Can somebody please share..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Craft Supplies Part 2

Today, i just want to upload the photo of  the things i bought in Kuching . Here are some of them...

Heavy cotton, velcro,bias tape,rotary cutter,webbing,recycle bag material,kain belacu and cotton

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Craft Supplies In Kuching!

I'm here in my hometown this holiday,so ill grab this chance to buy some of of craft supplies. Fabrics here are quite cheap compared to Bintulu for example I can get 'kain belacu' for RM 2.80 only in Kuching whereas in Bintulu it can be mark up till RM7. For normal cotton, it's RM2.70 in Kuching but RM4.40 in Bintulu. Looks like i have to invest a sum of money in Kuching! Sadly,felt fabric is still expensive in Kuching, RM14.50. I found ROTARY CUTTER  which Made IN Japan for RM29.90,its non- branded but its reliable! JAPANESE LIGHT COTTON are sell from RM22-RM33 per meter only! I'm not really a favor of japanese cotton ,so tak beli any of them. I haven't take any picture of my supplies,so maybe tomorrow i will be able to upload them.Tomorrow i'll be hunting for fabric again,if anyone interested,just email me..i'll be glad to be ur personal shopper!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crazy About Reversible Bag!!

I just love to sew this reversible bag.Just try to sew it once ,i'm sure u will be addicted to sew it like i did. This bag is for someone in my hometown,hope she will love this bag.

And this one is obviously not related to the above title. This bag is made for Miss Sam for someone.As u can c,the 'tali beg' is different from the other bags,for the others,i used nylon strap as the tali,but for this one,the tali that i used is from the fabric itself. Look nicer,don't u think so? 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'
, i guess..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Untuk Ibu dan Anak

 For the mum,for me...

For my princess..

Its been a long time i did not sew any boxy pouch,as a result,i forgot how to make one!After a few trial and error,finally i successfully made it. I made two,one for myself n another one for my little princess. For the inner part,i decided to use polyester felt.Whenever i use the interface lining that i always use for my totebag, my boxy pouch doesn't really looks like a box. So,i've come up with an idea,felt makes my boxy pouch shapely and gave a lot of body! The problem is,felt is quite expensive.At my place,it cost me about RM13-RM16/m.
What do u use to make ur boxy pouch 'boxy'?Fusible fleece,where can i get those?

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Unidentical Twins!

These are the twins,same pattern but different fabric design.Actually, this bag is reversible,but i totally forgot to take the inner part. The size is medium,slightly bigger than A4,can fit a few 'majalah keluarga',with 3 inner pockets.Thanks for ordering  Miss Tie (Pink Daisy) and Miss Halimah ( for her telekung )!

My First Wallet

Hi, i'm back after a long hiatus.just want to show what ive been doing today,this was my second attempt.The first one was a disaster.Dare not to show it here..! Well,my second attempt,i think i did quite well,but not as good as Wallet Cik As from Tote Boutique. I just admire all her creations.The outer fabric is from MyBotangshoppe.I bought fabric scrap from Sue a few weeks ago,just got the chance to sew it. I love this fabric! This wallet is not for sale purpose,its my own. Thanks for reading!