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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Order Datang Lagi!

What to share today?mm...today i made 2 car charm,but x sempat take photo.baru siap a few hours ago,tu pun wth the help of yaya(my eldest)..hehe.she helped me to stuff in the fiber fill.Tomorrow i will upload the photos.Stay tune..

Yea!!Today i got 10 orders for hp pch.Means that they love my handmade creation.So happy!

My felt supplies abis already,hve to wait till next week for the parcel to come.Harap2 sampai on Monday..

Orders for keychain?-nil

No one interested?What about you?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More hp pch...

Ni the latest hp pch i made...color lilac n blue!

Keychain cute!

Today, i nak share the keychain ive made so far.Semuanya dapat idea from blogs2 tertentu. I love all the keychain they've made.very creative.sometimes i just wnder,where they got all the ideas to come out wth such creation.Thumbs Up to them!

Happy Bithday To u...

Happy Birthday Blog! Akhirnya,i made my second blog.This blog is especially for me to share with u my handmade creation.i hope to find a lot of friends wth the same passion as i have..

To cut the story short, i got a few creation to publish today.These are hp pch n coin purse that i made for my colleagues. Suprisingly, i managed to get good response for them.I'm glad that they like my creation...'happy mode'