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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Craft Supplies In Kuching!

I'm here in my hometown this holiday,so ill grab this chance to buy some of of craft supplies. Fabrics here are quite cheap compared to Bintulu for example I can get 'kain belacu' for RM 2.80 only in Kuching whereas in Bintulu it can be mark up till RM7. For normal cotton, it's RM2.70 in Kuching but RM4.40 in Bintulu. Looks like i have to invest a sum of money in Kuching! Sadly,felt fabric is still expensive in Kuching, RM14.50. I found ROTARY CUTTER  which Made IN Japan for RM29.90,its non- branded but its reliable! JAPANESE LIGHT COTTON are sell from RM22-RM33 per meter only! I'm not really a favor of japanese cotton ,so tak beli any of them. I haven't take any picture of my supplies,so maybe tomorrow i will be able to upload them.Tomorrow i'll be hunting for fabric again,if anyone interested,just email me..i'll be glad to be ur personal shopper!


Saravella said...


I'm from Kuching as well, but where do u shop for Japanese light cotton?

Grace said...

hey, mind if i ask where do you get that felt fabric from, specifically which fabric shop? I've a hard time searching for it in kuching. I'll be happy if you could share this like for crafting as I love doing diy stuff for myself too. thank you.

Lisa said...

Grace, i got them from fah avagrande.some of them i bought online : tinytini,sentuhan ummi,sclover,kawaii station, and fabric fanatics.

Anonymous said...

Hi, where do you get these felt cloth in Kuching? Thanks!!