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Monday, July 18, 2011

Project Weekend Saya..

This was my weekend project! Actually, this was some orders that i got last week. 2 pencil case with different design. A colleague requested me to make a simple black n white pencil case for her,as you can see in the picture.Another one was requested by a repeat customer, a good friend of mine.She bought 3 boxy pouches from me before,n she ordered  this one for herself. 
      Lastly, the lv curvy clutch.my second attempt! I think this is better than the first one...(perasaan saya saja )...:) lebih sturdy n shapely, hampir- hampir seperti Yana punya..(but hers definitely better!) my skills menjahit agak kurang ( pity me! )so i guess i just cannot sew like what i desire..


Yana Surya said...

Wah Lisa. sama la project weekend kita. LV Curvy clutch! I see improvement. Don't worry, you will succeed :)

Lisa said...

haha...thanks for ur support! i did try guna interfacing yg non-fusible tu,but keras sangat la Yana n susah nak di jahit..my next attempt ,i nak try guna batting pulak!