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Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 in A day!

Hi crafters,just wna share what i did yesterday..buat 1 beg besar-boleh letak brg anak2,i guess its kinda a diaper beg for me to put all my baby's stuff in it,1 mini diaper pouch -boleh muat dlm 4 pieces of diapers, n a mini toiletries pouch-untuk letak baby toiletries stuff (mini powder,baby bath,baby oil,etc..)

Although the fabric is not so baby-like,but i like it coz senang nak jaga+tak cepat kotor..

My hubby gone for fishing today,so i guess today i'm not so productive,no sewing for today..:(

Here's the pictures!

For my baby

My diaper bag

Mini diaper pouch

Mini toiletries pouch