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Monday, November 22, 2010

Giveaway By Craft By Bea!

Hi there,

Craft By Bea is organizing its first giveaway.The giveaway prizes are awesome!Its baby girl crochet head band.For those who have little princess in the house,this is a grab opportunity.
Come,let's join together.Ni dia syarat2 dari CBB.

1. Mesti jadi follower Craft by Bea (senang kan).-I DID THIS A LONG TIME AGO!

2. Buat n3 ringkas tentang GA ni beserta ngan gambar di atas tu kat blog korang. Kat n3 korang tu, nyatakan craft jenis apa yang anda minat. Banyak pun boleh.-OK

3. Comment n3 ni. Tinggalkan link anda, ID dan email.

COMMENT - 1/ I LIKE UR GIVEAWAY PRIZES - obviously ,coz i hve 2 princesses,will be a great gift gor them
2/ I LIKE UR TO READ THE REVIEW IN UR BLOG-somehow its help me too since im a new crafter too!
3/ I LIKE THE WAY U WRITE IN UR BLOG - interesting!

Hopefully i'll win this time.Keep my fingers cross...